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Join the Protein Shake Revolution

Here at Protein Works, we’re passionate about innovating functional food products that help crack the code on making indulgent down right healthy. We’ve been creating the best shakes on the planet for over a decade and to date have sold over 35 million meal shakes around the world. With everything produced in-house, we can ensure our products have the highest standards and deliver the very best value to our community. Welcome onboard, we’re grateful to have you!.

Our Protein Shakes are:

  • Multi-award winning
  • Quick & easy to make
  • Packed with nutritious ingredients
  • Available in a wide range of delicious flavours
  • Available in both dairy and vegan varieties
  1. Click 'Claim This Offer'
  2. Copy the provided code
  3. Click through to site and add your products to your basket
  4. Input your code at checkout
  5. ENJOY!

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